Herro, so many of you have been commenting on my blog and I’ve been kind of forgetting about the blog. I know I have been saying I’ll get back onto it! I’ll get back on to it! but really I’ve moved on off of Binweevils and found new games and actually am starting to play with friends from school, not only that I have homework, tests, choosing options (planning on taking scripting c;) and generally life to handle at the same time. I don’t really see myself closing down the blog but occasionally I will come on and check your comments. Lets try and get the blog back up and running 😀 I can’t really promise to stay on everyday but I indeed can keep a promise to coming on now and then probably monthly, weekly or even in a year or so… Hopefully not a year. I feel like I’ve neglected the blog but as I said life moves on. First of all, I’ll be cleaning the blog up from any comments with rude words but I will leave rude words up if it is part of a story such as how you’ve lost your chat or things like that. Thank you 😀

Lets get back into it.

Happy late easter, Shannon ❤


Ello there, It certainly has been some time since writing on this blog and I always remembered I would wait and wait until I got my first ever comment.

I’ve grown up and I’ve found out that I have indeed moved on from Binweevils but I have not been thinking anything about how to improve this blog. I haven’t come up with any solutions to improving the stats and the whole look of the blog but I am writing this to say something to some people who have made me get this far. It may not really seem like anyone’s looking or comment anymore but I am actually going to ‘try’ and get this up and running once again.

Without further ado

Speedstar – I don’t really remember how, when and what day we met but even if we don’t go onto Binweevils or keep in contact I have not forgotten about you. I remember that I would enjoy logging onto binweevils and seeing you online or when you was in a different country Thailand (I believe) even if you did not have any laptops or basically anything you still came to my blog and managed to talk to me.

Judisue – Even though you were so busy with your blog and real life you still tried and visited other peoples blogs especially mine. Just going onto your blog took me back to the good old days but having the shock that your are leaving Binweevils and closing Weevily World kind of took me by surprise. I’m sure that everyone will miss you and I believe you have made the right choice after what someone has done to your account. Everyone will be pleased with your outstanding work with your blog and of course having new posts up with awesome new binweevils gossip. You were the one who made me get into blogging and without your guidance I wouldn’t be where I am now.

This year to me and indeed others was just full of surprises and I personally am not looking forward to 2015 but we cannot live in the past we have to live in the present.


Look out for more updates in the future

Hey guys whats up, its me Shannon and I know I have not been blogging in a while but that’s because loads of things have been happening and the huge personal difference has just happened.  I do apologize for any none replying of comments and I will keep up with them but I will attempt to get to reply to you guys but as the title said, the blog is slowly coming back and will get back up and running again. So I believe that we have hit 20 followers 😀 and I have been waiting for this day to come and it finally is here. So all that I can say is thank you to everyone who have followed and liked stuff and I am thankful for the people who have made the blog to what it is now.

I’d also like to say that the section called Binweevils complaints and worries is getting a hole load of comments and I am surprised because that must be the most used section. I am not that person who plays binweevils 24/7 but I am the person who helps other??? So thank you all for supporting this blog and to the people who follow me will indeed get a follow back 🙂

Thank you all


Hey guys so recently I’ve been making a ton of potions just to get a bin bot and all that I’m getting is..



Are you kidding me?! So obviously BB 3 BB 1 and BB 5 doesn’t match. Then what else does?!


All that I’d like to say is that I’m getting hardly anything. So now I understand you guys who do not get anything on this game! and I had a great feeling about this one. ._.

– Shannon

Hey guys, I know that recently I have not been very active on the blog. So I’ve decided to give you a inside to what you can buy for your house and this is plainly for you guys who doesn’t know what to add into rooms of yours! Note that I don’t have all of the rooms because it was just to expensive for me when I was a Tycoon but still is expensive for me now. So enjoy the pictures and the little captions I put down underneath. Fyi this took me a awfully long time to sort everything out  ;D Tysm.

Nest tour 1

This is my Easter/ Celebrity room for Binweevils and I’ve added a lot of things for decoration -I also added in a bauble wallpaper- and I used some colorful features in it.

Nest tour 2

This is my kitchen. Its my favorite out of all of my rooms. I’ve spent so much Mulch on it and I’m proud of how it came out! I had to change the original color -dark brown- to red since it was coming up to Christmas, But I like the way it looks and planning to keep it as it is!

Nest tour 3

This is my Trophy room! I also spent a lot of Mulch on it since I kept on leveling up. I added some rewards from missions and a splash of girly color to it to make it look outstanding :s but I don’t think it does look outstanding. If not I’ll be very disconcerted with the way it looks.

Nest tour 4

Now time for the bedroom! As you can see it looks really dark. Oml I don’t know why, Anyway I have 2 beds (don’t ask me why) and there is 2 very awesome themes to the room 1) Bunty and 2) Tink and Clott!

Nest tour 5

Lastly this one, this is my bin pet yellow’s room. Now I know its very bright but it matches the theme o.e does it? But you can obviously see that in this room I have used different types of stuff. Such as the colors Orange and yellow along with some awesome flowers and some toys on the floor for her to play with!

I’m extremely sorry if you got a headache from looking at the last picture, I’m trying my best to sorting it out!


Anyway, yet again sorry for the lack of posts and pages and replies its just that I’m addicted to another game 😮 ! No matter what I will try and get more stuff posting on this page!

Speedstar will possibly be answering your complaints since that’s the most active one on here.

Keep weevily!


If you want to know what a few items are in the current pictures write a comment and I will answer and tell you what level you have to be and how much it is! Plus the name xD

Shannonfingle xDfor all of you wanting to find me (I dont think so xD)

Hey there reader! You should go and check out an awesome blog and a super awesome xat! azbinweevils.wordpress.com and the Xat is http://xat.com/extremeweevil Its hosted by a weevily person called XPWINNER6656! In hes blog there is so many great pages to read and so many helpful tips! go and check it out!

Hey reader! Its me Shannon! I’ve been online for the past 2 days of this blog and I saw a familiar comments by someone 😀 So welcome back Speedstar! I’m glad that hes back! And I’m sorry if there has been a little bit of lack on posts and replying to comments by you lovely people. So we’ll keep up with that.


Hey guys its that time again that we all love! Yes, it is definitely Easter! And if you head towards the shopping mall, which is on your map, and check out the easter shop!

I just went buying some stuff, and to be honest, I have been really picky with what I buy on games… I dont know why. But anyway I didnt buy loads of stuff, I ended up buying 1 thing. Mostly because its all dosh and I didnt want that item, or I’m not a high enough level. But it doesnt really bother me.. (or does it?) 

The moment that everyone has been waiting for is finally here. Bin Pet Paradise has arrived and is in style.. I know I might be late writing this, its mostly because I sometimes loose interest in playing this game. ANYWAY, this is an amazing place for you and your bin pet to go to. I know that my bin pet (Yellow) will enjoy this! I cant wait to see you there.

Unfortunately I couldn’t put pictures up because I have to press another thing along with prnt screen. But as soon as I know how to do it, I will edit this and add some pictures ;D


Keep rocking!!!



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